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The Realm of Delirium
The Endless


The divider of the living from all that has come before, and all that must come after.
She takes on mortal fleash one day in every century to better comprehend what the lives she takes must feel like, to taste the bitter tang of morality


The lord of stories, and master of dreams. Dream is tall, almost Destiny's height. His eyes are dark pools which seem to have stars hidden deep within them. Dream has dark hair, and is pale. He resembles Death more than any of his other siblings. He takes his duties very seriously.


Imagine the most beautiful person you could imagine, both male and female. He/she is everything youu could ever want, and ever will want. A being constantly exploring the paths of pleasure. You'll always want him/her. And he/she will never be satisfied with anything


Desire's twin. Both were created at the same time. Despair appears hideous, short, overweight and scarred. She lives in a realm of mists, filled with mirrors showing people who have fallen to despair, some for moments, some for lifetimes. She is constantly mutilating herself.


Destiny appears to be the tallest of them all. He wears a worn, brown cloak, that conceals his eyes. It has been theorized that he is blind. If so, it is unknown what brought this about. Chained to his right wrist is a large leatherbound book. Written by hand (by What is in question), in his book is a desciption, in perfect detail everything that has happened, that is happening, and will happen. He does not have a shadow and leaves no footprints.


Destruction has a joyful view on existance, much like Death. He is tall, and powerfully built, with red hair. he often has a beard, when he wishes to. He abandoned his realm almost 200 years ago, and has not been replaced. Things are still destroyed, it is just not controlled.