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The Realm of Delirium
About Delirium


Age: Older than suns, older than gods, but forever the youngest of the endless
Eyes: One is vivid, emerald green with silver flecks, one is vain blue
Favorite color: Neon signs at 4 am
Favorite food: Little milk chocolate people with raspberry filling, freash mango juice
Least Favorite Food: Green mouse and telephone icecream
Oder: Sweat, Sour wine, and old leather
Special Talent: Varied Appearance, Tangible Shadow
Realm: Her realm is close and can be visited; but, human minds were not made to comprehend her domain
Summary: She was a being of great joy, until she realized that the universe was changing. At that moment, her long, strawberry-blond hair became short and multi-colored. Her eyes changed and now no longer match. She can still collect herself, and her eyes match when she does so, although it hurts her very much. She also has a great deal of wisdom, and knows things even Destiny does not, such as why she stopped being Delight.